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Magnolia Plumbing

Stacey from Bloomingdale blog: I highly recommend Magnolia Plumbing. I also recommend Phil at 301-906-1886 for small jobs.

A Flagler Pl resident added:  I would HIGHLY recommend Magnolia Plumbing as well. They were very professional and offered me good rates when I had my furnace replaced. I know if I needed help on any additional HVAC or plumbing related work, I would call them first. They are very trustworthy and don’t putz around at all. Plus they offer you a written proposal/contract before they leave.

Four Brothers Carpentry
2617 Myrtle Ave NE
(202) 423-8703 

Merry from Bloomingdale blog said: I would highly recommend FOUR BROTHERS. They did some great built-in book shelves for us.

Ronnell James
(202) 498-9864

From Truxton Circle Discussion Board: “For a small job-prompt, [he is ] extremely nice and very reasonable. He is a plumber at the Capitol so I think that is a pretty good reference.

Mike Reid
(202) 577-1114

Eckington listserv:  “I used him.  He came right away and fixed the problem.” and also “We have used Mike Reid as well, and found him to be prompt, competent and professional.”

6 Responses to Plumber

  1. Ayesha says:

    I used Ronnell James for a plumbing job – had a toilet that was leaking. Came in and fixed it – very reasonable, very nice and very professional. Took some time to coordinate our schedules, but he does a great job. Would def use again.

  2. Caryn says:

    From Brookland list serv: I highly recommend our plumber Brian at Dynamic Plumbing Solutions. He can be reached at (240) 375-2677 Feel free to give him a call to discuss your plumbing issues. He can also do bathroom remodeling. If your goal is to get a professional plumber at a fraction of the cost of one of the yellow page companies give him a call and tell him Brenda sent you.

  3. NStNW says:

    I can also vouch for Ronnell James. Professional and reasonable prices.

    • FloridaAveNW says:

      Ronnell does great work. However, be ready to pay for that work well.

    • DCRick says:

      I’ve used Ronnell James a couple of times, and found him a no-nonsense plumber who just gets things done quickly and efficiently, including work where other plumbers have failed. Considering other plumbers I’ve used over the years, I find his costs very reasonable too

  4. Caryn says:

    Here’s my bad review for Magnolia Plumbing.

    Last week I needed a plumber and so I went to the BACA Services List here. There are a few good recommendations for Magnolia Plumbing so I called them.

    I was very disappointed with the service and with the outrageous prices and diagnostics of the problem and wanted to let neighbors know. I had one potentially big problem with leaking from the bathroom upstairs through the ceiling downstairs. I took advantage of the fact that I was calling a professional plumber to check some other minor issues. I’m glad I did because I knew they were minor problems so when they diagnosed them with major price tags, I declined on all the service but one. In total, the service would have cost me around a $1000 for what my handyman could do for I’d guess a$200-300. Issues follow along with what the technician diagnosed as the problem and price tag. I also add what my handyman came in and did as a follow up.

    1) Loose faucet in the sink – not leaking. Needed tightening. Diagnosis: the grip under the sink is rusted and Magnolia does not have the part, so new sink faucet will cost $452. My handyman Mhamed replaced the rusted grip.

    2.) Downstairs toilet, had to push handle far down before it would begin flushing, but working and not leaking. Diagnosis: Toilet flapper isn’t the right fit, needs replacement. New flapper costs $189. My handyman adjusted the length of the chain on the flapper.

    3.) Leak in the “pea trap” of the bathroom sink upstairs. This I had Magnolia fix so tenants would have at least one bathroom without any issues. Cost $123

    4.) Leak in the wall from upstairs bathroom. Diagnosis from Magnolia: uncertain of the problem, but cutting into the wall just to diagnose the problem will cost $189 and Magnolia doesn’t reseal the wall. My handyman cut into the wall, found another leaking pea trap, fixed it, put a panel on the wall to be able to reaccess the space.

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