BACA does not officially recommend, support, or guarantee the work or performance of any listed individual or organization; the information is provided solely as a convenience to residents.

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Possibly still in business

Helen Arechiga

Prior recommendation from James on Eckington list: She’s really really good, but may not be taking on as much new work.  Ever since her name has been put out on the listserves and Prince of Petworth, she tells me that she’s getting more requests for work than she can do in a timely manner, as she has a regular full-time job.  It ebbs and flows, so it’s worth checking with her.

Prior recommendation from Braeden on Eckington list: Helen Archuga is great.  I have used her several times on projects.  She is an electrician for Pepco and does additional work outside of Pepco. Does really good work for a decent price…

As of November 2015: LinkedIn says Ms. Arechiga was owner/operator of Total Home Network, LLC as of January 2015, also high voltage electrician for Georgetown https://www.linkedin.com/in/thn1820, but Total Home Network not found)

Wayne Johnson
Bloomingdale resident

Prior recommendation from Bloomingdale listserv:  Another kudo for Bloomingdale resident and neighborhood electrician Wayne Johnson:  Thanks for sending me this contact info.  We had a wonderful experience with Mr. Johnson.  We called him in the morning and he was at the house by 3 that same day. He fixed the problem quickly, professionally and economically.  I recommend him to anyone in the neighborhood that needs electrical work.  Also thank you to everyone that passed on their recommendations or we would have had to wait longer and pay more!

Prior comment in June 2009 from Bryant Street NW resident: Ditto on Wayne Johnson the electrician: he shows up on time, he goes right to work, he gets the work done quickly and politely. Thanks for the referral.

Prior comment in December 2009 by U St. Resident: Ditto on Wayne Johnson. Great guy. Super professional. Showed up exactly at the time agreed to. Didn’t spend any time chatting. Fixed two electrical problems in three hours. And, that included a run to the hardware store to get some materials. Would absolutely use him again.

Prior negative comment in June 2011 by Allison: I have had poor experiences (plural) with Wayne. He charges rates consistent with a master electrician (though he isn’t one), always takes less time than estimated (but charges the full price) and I was recently told by another electrician that the work he did for us was poorly done. We used him a number of times (we like to support neighbors and thought his work as ok) but finally gave up as prices increased, customer service declined and, of course, that we were told that his work was unprofessionally done.

(Last Bloomingdale posts about Mr. Johnson were also in June 2011.)

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