Fitness and Wellness

BACA does not officially recommend, support, or guarantee the work or performance of any listed individual or organization; the information is provided solely as a convenience to residents.

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GetStrong Fitness Sweat Club
Tyler Brown, certified personal trainer and owner  
Free outdoor community workout at the Florida Avenue Park every Saturday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. We focus on strength and conditioning circuits for all skill levels with one-on one attention in a fun, high energy fitness experience!

Big Daddy Running Club
Bloomingdale Neighborhood Running Club
Meets every morning.
Contact Darryl Fogan at
Still operating as of July 2015, for 13th year:

Primal Fitness
219 M St NW
(202) 635-1941
Prior recommendation from Caryn: Exercise is all group. They offer CrossFit, Parkour, Judo, and Yoga. This is one tough work out. I did a bootcamp here and loved it because it got me in shape and it’s a really supportive, if hard core workout. Another neighbor takes Judo there and loves it!

PositivEnergy Works, LLC
A wellness space for transformative processes such as breath work, transformational breathing, stress management, reiki, aroma-therapy, laugh therapy and life-coaching for all ages, at affordable prices.  Located in LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale area.

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