Interested in becoming involved in improving the quality of life in your community, for you and your neighbors?

Join the Bates Area Civic Association. BACA represents the neighborhood’s interest in matters concerning the District and Federal governments, the business and faith communities, as well as, the citywide community.

BACA encourages all residents to support the Association by becoming a member – dues are $20 per person per calendar year. Membership dues support operational expenses and other events, such as neighborhood clean-up and beautification projects, the annual Flower Power competition, the annual community holiday social, health fairs and family activities in the Florida Avenue Park.

BACA wants all residents to participate, so in cases of financial need, the membership fee can be reduced or waived on a case-by-case basis.

You may participate in meetings without being a member; however, membership is required to vote on official resolutions passed by the Association on behalf of the neighborhood, as well as to vote for BACA officers.

Join the BACA and connect with your neighborhood.

Please fill out this BACA Membership Form and contact BACA Treasurer, Kevin Walker, to pay your membership fee. You may also attend our next meeting and forms will be available.

Donate via Paypal

3 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Trying to locate dog that bit our son at LeDroit Park dog park on Saturday (04/17)

    Our son was bitten by a small white and light brown dog on Saturday 04/17 at the LeDroit Park dog park around 7 pm. He had to be taken to the emergency room that day. The ER doctor reported the incident to the animal control department. It is very important that the owner of the dog contact us regarding the dog’s vaccination so that it can be determined if the (rather heavy) rabies treatment that he is currently undergoing needs to be continued.
    Please call or text us at (202) 441-8341 if you have any information.
    Thank you.

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