Feb 28 Neighborhood Cleanup

Pete from Bates Street has fabulously organized a neighborhood cleanup from 10-12 pm on Saturday FEB 28, 2009.  He has asked Helping Hands to deliver supplies to 3rd and Bates.

Pete said he would purchase some cases of water for participants.

Block captains for this event:

  • Caryn 1500 block of 3rd St. NW
  • Jenn/Pete for 100-300 block of Bates St. NW
  • Margaret for 100-300 P St. NW

Lock out for flyers about this event. Come out and support your neighbors and neighborhood.

If this works out maybe we can make it a monthly thing.

One thought on “Feb 28 Neighborhood Cleanup

  1. This clean up was great. It was great to meet neighbors from other streets. I told at least two gentlemen about the BACA meetings. Of course, the March 2nd one was cancelled due to snow. PLEASE REMIND EVERYONE ON THE CLEAN UP CREW THAT THERE WILL BE A BACA MEETING ON APRIL 6TH. I don’t want these two guys to think I was lying about the meeting. They were looking to get involved and BACA is the place.

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