New Parking Restrictions

There are new parking restrictions in the Single Member District 5C01/5C02/Shaw area.  They are just over one month old now (Feb 2009).  The new signage includes Residential Parking Zones and No Parking ‘here to corner’ signs.  These items are here to stay and DPW is ticketing.  There has been no grace period for some of these signs.  By now, all residents living in RPP Zones must have purchased Residential Parking Permits.  The purpose of this post is to caution you to check for new signs when you park.  Tickets seems to be in the $50 ballpark.

2 thoughts on “New Parking Restrictions

  1. This hasn’t happened yet on the 1500 block of 3rd, and I am glad. I don’t need more opportunities to get parking tickets. If you advocated for this to happen on your block, please don’t advocate for my block.

  2. I can only wonder how long we can hold off. Eventually (I think) the District will benefit from our plight. The Residential Parking Permits cost $15 (or so) for each car. The drivers who used to park for the day on Bates, will find their way to 3rd, Q and P streets. I must say the number of spaces on Bates street in the late afternoon looks great. I also don’t want to hand the District $15 a pop for each house on 3rd St NW. I would prefer to put it off, I just happen to think it is inevitable.

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