Unofficial ANC5C Meeting Minutes Feb 17, 2009

From Edgewood resident Michael Henderson.  These notes are for information purposes only. Please contact your ANC5C Commission for the official minutes.

What: ANC5C
Where: Catholic University, Panghorn Hall – School of Engineering
When: February 17th, 2009 at 7:00 P.M.

Meeting began at 7:15 by Commissioner Bonds.

Outstanding business – MPD 4D Officer Curtis Miller PSA 405; there was a newsletter that he handed out; it listed some of the crimes occurring; Officer Brody is the community officer for 4D; stolen autos and theft from autos biggest problem; 405 boundary is Taylor Street. Commissioner said some thieves know how to bypass your alarm, so the club is good; car-jacking at the Heights at 8 pm.

New Grants – Grant Proposal for Amateur Kick Boxing tournament April 25th; fighters from several states will compete; $12,000 in expenses, initial commitments in $3300; need about $8500 bucks; asking the commission to help out with the rest; asking for $8500 from the commission or anything they can spare; last year commission helped lower the cost of the facility; residual form last year’s funds – left some with Trinity to keep facility; used bulk of funds last year to procure equipment; this year working to get fighters more exposure; ANC gave them $5800 dollars last year; Commissioner Bonds said this year it will cost us a bit more to show our love; Michelle Hammond said they are also looking for funding from corporate vendors as well; some children may become professional fighters; Commissioner asked if they had tried Verizon’s foundation; Commissioner Wright said her concern is the equipment is deplorable; need room to practice; right now there are 20 local boxers as well as other boxers from other areas; Commissioner said there is another location to pursue use of its space as well; Ted McGinn asked about total enrollment numbers and the entire program; presenter said aggregate may be as many as 50; this program is offered through DC Parks and Recreation; Debbie Smith said you can also contact Chief Cathy Lanier, Chief of Police, because she has just received money for this type of thing; Commissioner Davenport said the program is amazing; Cleopatra Jones said they have 60 enrollees total and that they have done a lot of outreach already; teaches them about taking care of and respecting their bodies and others; Commissioner Bonds said she was glad to hear those comments.

ROLL CALL – Commissioner Daneker
Anita Bonds – present
Sylvia Pinkney – present
Stuart Davenport – present
John Salatti – present
Denise Wright – present
Mary Farmer – present
Barrie Daneker – present
Marshall Phillips – absent
Silas Grant – absent excused
Timothy Day – absent excused
Ronnie Edwards – present
“Gigi” Ransom – present


Commissioner Daneker motion to postpone reading minutes; Salatti 2nd; motion passed unanimously

Curb Cut proposal Tim Crowley received 22 signatures in support of the curb cut; no one said no; good chance to meet neighbors; 1819 1st street, driveway on corner of 1st and Seaton; Commissioner Davenport said he will abstain because he is a good friend of Mr. Crowley; got immediate neighbors signatures (not absolutely everyone of course); since he is “adding a net one parking space”; Commissioner Bonds said he did a good sampling; 12 ft on street by 9 ft on sidewalk; Commissioner Bonds showed a photo to the audience; Commissioner asked if DDOT has a moratorium on curb cuts; Commissioner Bonds said there is not a moratorium on curb cuts, and it depends on the neighborhood; Commission must be the voice of the broad community; Commissioner said we should be sure as we set a precedent; Commissioner Bonds asked if the presenter is clear about getting permit; Community member asked presenter if he needed to get separate permits for driveway and separate one for a right of way; presenter said side yard is his from sidewalk to house; community member asked about distance from light pole (3 feet instead of the required 4); presenter said he has the permits already; Commissioner Farmer asked if audience member was against the curb cut; he said no, more just generally against all curb cuts; a Commissioner said Commission should do more due diligence before voting; presenter said he spoke with a rep form DDOT and he said the permit was approved; Commissioner Farmer said contacts should be made and vote next month; motion was made to do that; Commissioner Daneker 2nd; Commissioner said ANC is not a legal body; Commissioner said we just need clarification, such as the number of feet from utilities; Ted McGinn said it would be good to have someone who is the source come and speak to the body about curb cuts, etc; motion was repeated that Mr. Crowley would give his contact information to the Commission for verification first; Commissioner Bonds said it is best to give your paperwork to your SMD Commissioner in advance; motion passed with one no and one recused.

Status reports North Capital Clover Leaf transportation feasibility study; want to reconfigure the cloverleaf so it becomes more citizen friendly; project Commissioner Ransom; they had handouts to give to the audience; they showed a plan that could either raise NC street similar to Penn Quarter; economic development is included; another proposal is to move it closer to Armed Forces Retirement Home; a road would come out and empty into Irving Street; Commissioner feels something more comprehensive needs to be developed that includes all developments in the area; not fair that folks are asked to recall so many details, agendas ahead of time – meeting notes should be added; otherwise we go through the motions and they end up doing what they want to do; Commissioner said they are trying to improve communications- they increased the number of public meetings, and there is a meeting March 14th here at Catholic U; we are pushing to try to see if they can get some funds for a more comprehensive transportation study to show possible impacts; many developments coming to the community and we need to get a complete study done so that we can dispose of these types of items; resident said DDOT needs to post more things on the website; another resident said Council looked at funding such as study; Ted McGinn said Armed Forces Retirement Home put their plans on hold (tied to the failing real estate market); Commissioner Bonds said ANC will seek a comprehensive report; There are so any meetings in the city that relate to service delivery.

Cleopatra Jones Grant Report Harriett Tubman Underground Railroad; statue on corner of NC and R streets; youth have discovered some things, etc; Statue will be erected in October; also on the 22nd an oratory tea at HT Recreation Center at 2 pm where they will do some dialogue and some of the things they have discovered; and she has a receipt to show deposit on record; Commissioner Bonds said grant was awarded 2 years ago and yet have not received a financial report; we are under certain legal requirements because the ANC has not received necessary financial reports; your report does not satisfy the letter of the law as it is a serious matter; this amount has been deleted from the ANC5C allotment until records are satisfied – $12,000 has been deducted from ANC5C allotment; Cleopatra Jones said a financial report was submitted a year ago; Commissioner Farmer said she does not have it; if no report given, Ms. Jones will be summoned by the city auditor; Commissioner Farmer said she has 30 days to submit the report; Mr. Clark (from the Edgewood Civic Association) said he would have a check returned to the ANC by the end of the week as well (for funds awarded but not spent); Bloomingdale also owes ANC5C money; Mr. Berry contacted ANC about funds they have and will follow up this week.

DASH Victims of Domestic Violence Housing; very open to ideas; want to be a collaborative partner; 1835 3rd Street NE; is in Commissioner Wright’s district; Developer Julia Wright; doing an interior upgrade of the entire building; water system, electrical, safety, redoing sewer and water systems; redoing kitchens; adding 8 handicapped accessible apartments; may add playground on the roof; extensive security system with cameras and alarms and lights; 35% LSDBE first sourced funding; doing 41 percent; also doing punch list; one of the programs is housed in the high schools; 44 units; Pillar Development is the name of the company; Commissioner asked to sit on the Board; Robert Brannum also volunteered; Ted did and so did Mike Clark; Mike Clark asked where do the funds come from and how much are they getting;; seeking private funding to help develop a green roof, and other foundation funding to create places for kids to play etc; Commissioner Wright asked about the punch list and protocol; Mike Clark asked if will keep kids inside; presenter said kids will come and go as they please with their moms; facility safety will be controlled by the company; DASH operates other facilities in DC as well.

Commissioner Bonds has compiled a list of transportation and development projects; she distributed the list to the Commissioners; will discuss them at the March meeting; Commissioner Bonds motion to carry over item 4 on the agenda to the March meeting, Chair distributed a document which is a matrix of transportation and development projects; be prepared to speak with residents; motion passed; motion to send document electronically; motion passed.

Howard Ways from The Office of Planning -March 14th, Saturday, 9-12, North Capitol Street Cloverleaf Feasibility Study Community Workshop; he had lots of handouts; looking at different ways of redesigning that intersection; will be walking through the different options with the community; can reach him at 202- 741- 5219.

Debbie Smith said there no community comments at this meeting or at the December meeting;
Commissioner Farmer motion to defer paying of the bills; Daneker 2nd; motion passed unanimously;

Commissioner Wright motion to adjourn – motion passed

Next Thursday Catholic U will have an outdoor alarm test at 10:30

5D CAC meeting 4th Thursday of the month

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