March 12 BACA/ANC5c01 Meeting Notes

A quick note about 3/12 BACA meeting to supplement Caryn’s post about the list of needed repairs, as well as the posts about the Metropolitan Church matter.

–Allan Fye, the new DC Dept. of Transportation planner for Ward 5, welcomed proposals for stop signs, speed humps (the reverse potholes formerly known speed bumps) and other improvements. He made clear that the proposal-to-action process isn’t exactly instantaneous. But he also took the proposals seriously. That alone gave him high marks from Mary Ann Wilmer, who said she’d never detected that attitude in his predecessors.

Other items:

— City agencies have been notified about the possibly illegal club now doing business at P and North Capitol.
— Folks interested in opening the Dunbar HS track to the rest of us will be gathering at 6 AM Wednesday when the track may be open. Could be an interesting episode of democracy in action.
— Speaking of democracy, action and inaction, Anise Jenkins, president of the Stand-Up For Democracy in DC Coalition, gave a spirited and detailed explanation of the differences between the present bill to give DC a vote in the House, and the more far-reaching project to confer full statehood on DC. For now, statehoodless and even voteless, we are, she said, “on the last plantation and Congress is the master.” Think about it.

Alice Thompson, mayor Fenty’s rep, said he has ordered removal of the eyesore billboards at 4th & P. Hasn’t happened yet, but apparently Fenty doesn’t like them any more than we do. Let’s see if that makes a difference.

Learn more, come to the meetings. Else you’ll have to depend on my failing memory and scattered notes.

5 thoughts on “March 12 BACA/ANC5c01 Meeting Notes

  1. Thanks for the summary; I was unable to make the meeting myself and love that we now have this blog to better inform the community. I’m also glad to hear that the city has been notified about the club (or whatever it is) at P and NCap.

  2. I would guess, that in his career as a civil servant, Allen will have to work very hard. Perhaps even uphill sometimes. A career in civil service can be defined partially by a limiting number of resources (like $). Given Allen’s character, and presentation, I am glad that he is working for Ward 5.

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