BACA Meeting Minutes, APR 6 2009

Sorry for the delay. These are not comprehensive but I tried to capture the gist.  The meeting involved discussed with the Director of the Department of Public Works,  the Fifth District prosecutor from the US Attorney’s Office, and talk about Flower Power, the BACA blog and more.

Director of DPW – Mr. Michael Howell

  • Talked about the new cameras on the street sweepers.  Should give 100 percent coverage by the end of the summer.  Officers will be able to focus on Residential Parking.
  • Offered Flower Power help – Offered to drop off mulch and pick up yard debris through their  Helping Hands programs.
  • Talked about the DPW’s Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Program (SWEEP).  On the website you can see what to do about:

* Illegal Dumping
* Neighborhood Cleanups
* Sanitation Enforcement
* Vacant Lots

Residents asked questions about specific cases where recycling isn’t getting picked up and illegal dumping is occurring.  Mr. Howell made available a DPW reference guide, but you can learn about DPW resources here.

Trena Carrington – Fifth District Community Prosecutor, United States Attorney’s Office Attorney

  • Ms. Carrington talk about the role and functions of her office, about what to do in the case of nuisance properties in the area and in connection with what appears to be a progressive increase of street robberies in our neighborhood.
  • IF there are nuisance people that have been released, we can communicate with the Prosecutor’s Office to let them know.
  • When a person comes up for sentencing, another aspect of what Ms Carrington does is to come out and help with community impact statements. These are taken prior to sentencing to let the judge know what impact this person has had on a person, community or business. Or what is your recommendation for sentencing.
  • Every month, each district presents the court report document.  It tells you about every crime, what PSA, the date, defendant’s name,  case number,

There were questions about certain individuals who have been arrested and released, there was a question relating to 312 P St NW and complaints about squatters, dopers and boozers hanging out in this shell of a building.

Another resident discussed drug dealing points in the neighborhood and pointed to the middle block of 4th street, end of 3rd St, middle block of Q St NW. Ms. Carrington suggested residents could follow up with police with information, tips,

Ms Carrington suggested that we could as individuals follow up on court cases. Her voicemail is 202-514-7394;  and her office at 5D precinct, where she spends half her time is: 202-698-0144.

One resident asked about the Mayor’s proposal to release 80 percent of the prisoners in the interest of the budget. See this Apr 2 Washington Times article here on what she was probably referring to. Ms. Carrington answered that probably it would only pertain to certain categories of cases, but that it sounded unusual.

To track a case:  Go to US Attorney’s Office for DC – Download the court reports.  Find the most recent ones for the Fifth District here.

DC Dockets:

Contacting DCPD:

Commissioner Wright:
Ward 5 Commander Lamar Greene:
Pat Mitchell – President, Board of Directors, North Capitol Main Streets, Inc., (NCMS), spoke briefly and introduced the new NCMS Executive Director Garry Clark.

  • Main Street programs started out as a rural program.  Starts at NY Ave and goes all the way to Rhode Island. Focused on retention of businesses.
  • To the extent that we are able to demonstrate success.  The city will commit to funding the program in the future. One paid staff member, couple of volunteers.  Organization works with volunteers.
  • Check out the web site and volunteer with this group to clean up NorthCap!

Caryn (me) went over the functions of this new BACA blog and encouraged everyone to contribute to it.

Mary Ann discussed the Flower Power 2009 Beautification Campaign, which will likely begin in May and serve to beautify the community and bring us together as neighbors.

This isn’t comprehensive, but it’s better than nothing!

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