Vacant Property talk

Have you seen this Google feature where you can zoom in on any house?  Did you know you can “drive down the road” on Google Maps and zoom in where ever you want?

For example,  this is the image of the house at 312 P St NW where people have been hanging out, bothering residents. Efforts by neighbors to contact Vincent Abell, who owns the property and has had several local news reports about his questionable landlord behavior, have gone unanswered.  However, after complaints to the city, there was a violation put on the property recently and the windows did get boarded up.  Would someone please buy this property?!

ALSO:  on the home page of the ANC5c Web site is the question:  “Need help with a vacant property in Ward 5?”  It gives this contact: Twee Nguyen Manager, Vacant Property unit 202-442-4406 or email

Also visit the Vacant Property page on this blog and document your issues here. Mt. Vernon Square has had great success with its area wide documentation of Vacant Properties.

2 thoughts on “Vacant Property talk

  1. Speaking of boarded houses, the folks who I have run off from the rear of 1530 3rd St pulled the plywood completely off of the rear window leaving the house wide open. Myself and a neighbor re-hung the board, but they also unlocked the back door and disabled the lock, so they can go in and out at will. I guess cinderblocks and concrete are the next step.

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