Rehearsal Space?

A couple of us who play music have been wondering – any rehearsal space near here? Wouldn’t have to be fancy, but a drum kit on premises would be essential; probably soundproofing as well. If you own or know of any likely spots, let me know in comments, please.

5 thoughts on “Rehearsal Space?

  1. Peter,
    I remember hearing a band practice in the former stocking store on the unit block of P Street (pink & purple store building). More than likely no drum kit though.

    1. I think they’re actually running live shows out of there. Some neighbors have likened it to a “night club.” I have actually seen a drum kit in there. It’s near Luciana Cafe.

  2. I stopped and talked to the people loading in one night, they do live shows out of there. Other times, it seems to function as a practice space. Not sure who runs it.

  3. Many thanks, all. I’ve been a little leery of that P St. space, because it seems to be heading for shutdown, at least in its nightclub incarnation. But I didn’t know about the rehearsal space aspect of the operation. I’ll investigate. I wouldn’t even have thought about it without your helpful comments.

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