2 thoughts on “Dunbar track

  1. I’ll check again, but I don’t thnk that there are new signs posted. The signs have always stated that they are availabel for use after 4:30 … but you still have to abide by all of these caveats in getting permission. I’ll check tonight and report back (since the gate is right across the street from my front door.)

  2. I went by this weekend and there are no new signs – the signs pposted are the same ones that have been there since the renovated track re-opened. It states that yes, the facilities are available for use after those hours but you have to have a building use permit and it needs to be approved by the Chancellor or Principal. Sorry no “general public” access.

    However, did you see the article on Mayor Fenty in the Washngton Post Magazine this weekend? It talked of his early Wednesday morning runs and had some pictures as well – but no mention that he was on the Dunbar track

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