Local Judo Demonstration, Trial Class- Saturday May 2

This Saturday, May 2, the Primal Judo club will be offering a live demonstration of judo techniques and a beginner’s lesson for anyone who would like to join in the fun.  The demo/class will be held from 10 AM to 12:30 PM at Primal Fitness Gym at 219 M St. NW.  Primal Fitness was recently voted as the Best Gym in DC by Washington City Paper readers.  It is the only gym located in the Truxton Circle neighborhood and is a real neighborhood treasure.

Judo is a martial art with roots back to the time of feudal Japan.  If you are looking for a way to get in shape, judo may definitely be for you.  Judo is a cardio workout, as well as a full body strength workout.  The practice of techniques is both physical and cerebral, and you hardly notice how hard you have been working until class is over.  Judo can be practiced by people of all ages, sexes, weights, and fitness levels.  Its emphasis on technique and form makes a small, well trained judo practitioner able to easily defeat a much larger and stronger opponent.

The demo/class is free and the environment will be friendly, low stress, and fun.  If you are intending to come, please show up a few minutes early to fill out the waiver and RSVP to leah@primal-fitness.com so we have an idea of how many people will be attending.  So throw on some comfortable clothes, come on down, and please join us.

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