More info on stop sign at 3rd/Bates NW

[Crosspost from MPD 5D YahooGroup. -jon]

ANC Chairman Anita Bonds requested the stop sign. Thru the intervention of Bonds , Bates Civic Association and the Bates Area citizens —
speed humps will be installed very soon on the Unit, 100, 200 of Bates Street and the 1600 – 1700 block of 4th Street NW.



2 thoughts on “More info on stop sign at 3rd/Bates NW

  1. What about the stop sign requested for First and Bates Streets? When will it be installed?

  2. Just to add that I have requested (through Anita Bonds, I believe) a second stop sign at the corner of 4th and Q NW – to make the intersection a 3-way stop. The existing stop signs now cover only north-south drivers. And these drivers typically assume that east-bound drivers have their own stop sign. But they don’t – hence a number of accidents. Cars have been totaled. No one has been killed – yet. But it’s bound to happen if the stop sign problem isn’t resolved.

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