JF Cook School plans

From ANC5C02 Commissioner Sylvia Pinkney :

The Latin American School has been selected to develop the former JF Cook Elementary School – on the Unit block of P Street, NW . The development includes a charter school/residential space for the students.

If anyone has anymore details about this, let us know. I’d be interested to know more about the Latin America school.

2 thoughts on “JF Cook School plans

  1. Wow! I really hope its the Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School–there’s already one in NW. http://www.lambpcs.org/ We just had a baby girl and we’ve been praying for a good charter pre-k-6 school to open up in our neighborhood. (we live in shaw). Bilingual’s even better!

  2. Got this from Jim Berry:
    The BACA meeting next Monday will present Mai Fernandez, from the Latin American Youth Center, (not a school)? is going to be the featured speaker to talk about their plans to occupy the former John F. Cook Elementary School building, near North Capitol and P Streets, NW. This is the building that we thought for a time would be occupied by the KIPP Academy as a public charter school.

    We’ll find out more about it soon.

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