Fringe Festival update

I went to the volunteer training today at the Fringe Festival, which starts on Thursday and goes for the next three weeks!. Woo hoo. It’s loads of fun and cool folks that will all be within a three blog radius of the 600 block of New York Ave NW.  As well, there’s a big tent set up with a bar and shows right there.  Just a 10 minute walk away.

Sorry,  I’ve got to keep plugging this fun fest. The City Paper will be covering the festival like crazy. check out their blog here:

Also, saw this:  Bloomingdale resident Jo Nicholson is performing:

WEERD  SISTERS presents: Journey #8

With Regina Blake, Lisa Buchsbaum, Marcia Freeman
Josephine Nicholson, Margaret Riddle

The Apothecary – at The Trading Post
1013 7th ST NW, Washington DC
Tickets go on sale June 22 at or 1- 866- 811- 4111

Saturday July 11 @ 6pm
Wednesday July 15th @ 7:30pm
Thursday July 16 @ 10pm
Saturday July 25 @ 9:45pm
Sunday July 26 @ 3:30pm

Capital Fringe Festival
July 9 – 26, 2009

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