Mayor’s walk-through Today

The Mayor finished his walk through, this afternoon, of our neighborhood, and it seemed rather well attended.  All of the SMD Commissioners where present, along with Alice T., several MPD officers, various District Agency leaders, RESIDENTS, and the youth in the Mayor’s Conservation Corps.

The Mayor was presented with several ‘top of the list’ issues:  the pocket park on FL Ave., loitering along N. Cap., illegal billboards, and the selected future occupant of J.F. Cook Elementary school.  The Mayor received a thorough description about how the pocket park was not safe and is uninviting.  It was explained how loitering along N. Cap. and around S.O.M.E. caused problems, littering, and potentially crime.  It was explained that the selected use of Cook School was directly counter to the interests of the neighborhood residents.  The Mayor was also given a complete description outlining the questionable legality of the NJ Ave billboards.

The Mayor took on and issued several tasks for the District Government and the residents to complete.  The FL Ave pocket park will be redesigned and improved to meet the needs of the neighborhood immediately.  The District and the RESIDENTS will be forming a working group immediately to get this started and to have the park serve the residents needs.  The MPD 5D has recently met and will continue to meet with our Council member, residents, and business to address the issues in the area.  There are ideas to encourage business and service owners to encourage their guests to mind their behavior.  The Mayor’s office will confirm if a selection has been made for Cook School and which of the offers submited best meets the needs of the residents.  The Mayor’s staff will look into the legal standing of the billboards, address some of the new information presented from 1931, and determine if the site can be returned to a land use matching its determination as a residental lot.

So, in short, the Mayor heard our top issues.  One gentleman from DDOT even stepped down 3rd Street to see some sidewalk damage.  For residents, and the Mayor, these issues are on the table.  Keep your inboxes and ears open for the next steps.  Go to your Civic Association meetings and ask questions.  Call your SMD Comisioner.  The ball is rolling forward.  Join the gang and keep the issues near and dear to you, rolling forward.  Roll Bates, Roll.

2 thoughts on “Mayor’s walk-through Today

  1. Sorry, off-topic again (although I have great interest in the improvements slated arising from the Mayoral walkthrough).

    This brief message regards an artist at the 52 O Street Studio — Andrea Haffner (who also happens to be a Bloomingdale resident):

    Artist Andrea Haffner at 52 O Street Studio — “Great Deals on Wall Hangings, Photographs & Jewelry”

    From: andrea @
    Subject: Late Notice Open Studio!
    To: andrea @
    Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 8:15 PM

    52 O Street, NW #307/308
    Sunday July 12, 11 to 5

    Hi all,

    For those who don’t already know, in a few weeks I will be leaving DC for 2 years of study and nature immersion in California. If you are in town this Sunday please come by to say “see you later” and help me clean out my studio! I will have some great deals on both my wall hangings and photographs, and of course will have my jewelry as well.

    There will be plenty of cold refreshments, but dress for heat. Also FYI while I am gone I will still have someone selling my work at Eastern Market. Hope to see you!

    (202) 550- 3629

  2. Hey Scott, I’m happy to post things directly on the blog for you next time. Probably gets better visibility than as an unrelated comment. Thanks!

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