Dunbar High School Profile

Taken from the DCPS Web site

School Profile

Name: Dunbar Senior High School
Type: Senior High School
Phone: (202) 673-7233
Hours: 8:45 am – 3:15 pm

Principal: Gerald Austin
Principal’s Email: gerald.austin@dc.gov

Grade Levels (2009-2010)
2008-2009 Enrollment Data
9th 10th 11th 12th Ungraded Total
315 221 170 188 0 894

*Data based off the official enrollment count from October 6th 2008

DCPS Sponsored Programs
Special Education Center
Before School Program
Special Admissions
International Baccalaureate
Parent Center
Science and Technology Focus
Arts Focus
Business and Finance Focus
Reggio Emilia
Language Immersion
Head Start Program
3 Year Old Program
Other Programs
Honors Classes AP Classes JROTC
School Highlights
Paul Laurence Dunbar Senior High School is named after a famous poet and is a historic institution, the first in the nation for African Americans. It was founded in 1870 and the school’s mantra is where the tradition of excellence continues. Alumni continue to support the mission of the school and wills millions of dollars in scholarships annually. All students are encouraged to be well-rounded scholars
with opportunities to participate in clubs and on squads. The mission of Dunbar Senior High School is to provide a comprehensive instructional program in grades 9-12 which foster maximum achievement by each student, enabling each to enjoy lifelong learning while becoming a productive, global citizen. The vision of Dunbar is to operate as a learning community where students are provided a quality education with many opportunities and experiences that enable them to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

*Information represents a message from the principals for 08-09 school year.
For additional highlight information please contact school directly.

District of Columbia Comprehensive Assessment System – DC CAS
District of Columbia Comprehensive Assessment System – DC CAS
2008 % Proficient
Reading – 22%
Math – 19%
2007 % Proficient
Reading – 24%
Math – 20%
*To view detailed information, please visit the Office of State Superintendent
of Education website at http://nclb.osse.dc.gov/
Facilities Information
Initial Year Built – 1977
Capacity – 1095
Building Area (sq. ft) – 343400
Planning Population – 1600

*Information derived from DC Schools Master Facilities Plan 2008

Asian/Pacific – 0%
Black – 98%
Hispanic – 2%
Native American – 0%
White – 0%

*Data based off the official enrollment count from October 6th 2008

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