Properties in our area on the 2009 Tax Sale list

Big thanks to Margaret on P St for compiling this list for us!  Also see InShaw’s post on How to tell your neighor they owe taxes!

The “Notice of Real Property Tax Sale” was published by DC OTR on July 23. It announces the auction date of    September 9th to 11th, 2009.  Properties in our area that are currently on this list are:


House Number/ Tax Owed

New Jersey AVE

1405    $773
1535    $22,194
1605    $2,808
1607    $3,971
1615    $1,783
1621    $7,541
1703    $183
1722    $32,243

3rd St, NW

1522    $36,491
1542    $15,243
1604    $5,691
1606   $478

1st St, NW

1401    $561
1518    $664
1533    $27,744

P St, NW

72    $2,111
88    $5,606
312    $1,750

Bates St, NW

45    $16,772
53    $2,246
71    $1,078


19    $644
24    $1,267
29    $5,598
31    $26,893
130   $7,161
427   $3,037
434    $1,956
447    $5,443
455   $24,084

R St, NW

313    $2,290
315    $2,290
317    $169
405    $1,772
427    $23,918
449    $3,151

2 thoughts on “Properties in our area on the 2009 Tax Sale list

  1. Some of these amounts seem tiny. A few look like 30 days late fees for property taxes that are otherwise up-to-date. Does the District government make certain owners are aware of late fees? I ask this question based on personal experience. I was not aware of how much of the District’s public information was online, and in 2005 I was notified of late fees long after they were due. Much like many owners on this list, it was under $500. The fees were incurred by the previous owner. Had I perused the case legally with the previous owner, the fees would have gone unpaid for over 12 months, and that is a threshold outlined in the inshaw blog, Wash Post, and Times. I have to ask, is the District OTR publishing the list simply to update their records? The old, ‘We don’t know what’s going on in our database, so prove you don’t owe the money’. The District Gov’t has always been far from perfect, but in the end, not so bad.

  2. I have removed names associated with the properties on this list. It was insensitive of me to list my neighbors on here. My thoughts were that it was public information, but in any case, I see in retrospect that I should not have done that.

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