New Apartment Project

The long-vacant 304 Q NW is on its way to becoming an apartment building. Buyer Jason Bonnet of Bonnet Development Group, who was wielding his weed-wacker in the property’s front yard on Saturday morning, plans to build a 2-BR, 1-bath apartment on each of the structure’s three floors. An additional basement apartment is possible, if digging a basement proves feasible. Bonnet is exploring the possibility of supplying some of the building’s energy needs from a rooftop solar panel.

Apartments would be rented at market rate. Some or all could become condos. Bonnet, who as you can see on his Web site completed a similar project on 6th St. NW near Q, knows the neighborhood. He’s open to the idea of attending a BACA meeting and explaining his plans in person.

To all appearances, the project is the kind of small-scale development that seems to work best around here. The big projects, as we’ve seen, have a way of getting announced and coming to naught.

3 thoughts on “New Apartment Project

  1. It would be nice to get an early notice as to when the units will be rent-able. I know one, perhaps two people who would love to move to Bates Area and be near family. Or I will just check the market like everyone else..??..

  2. I’d think that walking by the building periodically to see how the project is coming would be a good idea. You could also contact the developer through his web site.

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