Block Leaders Needed!

Hey Neighbors!

We are planning a beautification event on October 24 (a formal announcement is forthcoming!) that will include a street cleaning as well as tree box enhancements. Would anyone be interested in being a block leader?? Specifically, a block leader would help to oversee activities on October 24, help identify tree boxes to be cleaned-up and rally your neighbors.

We could use all the help to make this event a success. We are even planning a BBQ to follow the event so let me know if you are willing to help us LEAD this event.

Pete and Anita
BACA Environmental Services Committee

2 thoughts on “Block Leaders Needed!

  1. Pete this is making me angry that nobody is offering up help here. I would like to strategize with you and ask specific people. Also, I’m gonna sched the week before for Puerto Rico so i can be here.

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