Beautification such a huge success! Thank you…

… to everyone who made this possible.

Peter on Bates – who was absolutely a rock star in organizing this huge event.

ANC5c Chariman Anita Bonds – also instrumental in the organization and in guiding us on the grant process.

Bates Area Civic Association – the vehicle that allowed for the neighborhood unity we saw Saturday.

ANC5C for their generous grant that allowed us to purchase the flowers.

The Flower Power Committee which purchased and donated a half a dozen trees for the event.

Home Depot and Old City Green, who supplied discounts on the plants.

The Youth Build Program who provided something like a dozen youths who came out to try to show the neighborhood that they could be an asset.

CSOSA who provided another half a dozen workers and some real muscle.

Metropolitain Baptist Church – who had a rep the whole morning and who donated food and cooked for us at a post-planting BBQ.

CAPCS/Armstrong school – for lending us their parking lot.

And last, but definitely not least, the enormous turnout of our neighbors was amazing. I’d say like a hundred people were out and about.  We had a strong presence on 4th St, 3rd St, P Street (on all blocks from NJ Ave to North Cap), 1st St., and on all of Bates St.  4th Street even added to the event by purchasing thier own wood and building tree box borders thanks to a resident carpenter (Brian?)!  I have many photos to post.  I can’t wait till the next event – in the Spring!  Let’s hope to identify the gaps and tackle those areas next time.

Many thanks to all.




3 thoughts on “Beautification such a huge success! Thank you…

  1. Another thank you to all the organizers!!! This was a major benefit to our community in many ways!! While I worked on the tree box, every passerby stopped to say thank you & offer encouragement. These beautification projects are powerful steps!!

  2. Congratulations on another successful event! It must be nice having as supportive productive ANC and ANC Commissioners interested in being out in the community working with residents and your civic association.

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