Emergency Billboard Legislation Issued

From DCRA Director, Linda Argo. She notes there is a 30-day comment period, so neighbors, please review the attached PDF (link below) and make your comments known on this blog or via email to helder.gil@dc.gov by Jan 1, 2010

DCRA Emergency and Proposed Rulemaking (12A DCMR 3107 – Billboards)

On December 2nd, DCRA issued emergency regulations amending several provisions of the Construction Codes dealing with billboards.

The emergency regulations specify that any existing billboard that was on the Authorized List must be removed by the owner if the billboard is located on a lot within 200 feet of any residential district. As you know, the four billboards at the corner of 4th and P Streets, NW would fall under this provision, as would a billboard at 301 K Street, NE.

The regulations require that any affected billboard, if ten or more years old, must be removed within 30 days of the effective date of the regulations (i.e., by January 1, 2010), unless DCRA issues an extension of up to 60 days based on the billboard owner’s showing of a special need or hardship.

Failure by the billboard owner to remove the affected billboards by the deadline would allow DCRA to remove the billboards and assess the abatement costs to the owner. Billboard owners may try to seek “just compensation” for the removal of the affected billboards, but they cannot prevent DCRA from proceeding with removal of the billboards and assessment of costs.

The regulations also require the owners of any existing billboard on the Authorized List to notify DCRA by January 1, 2010 of the location of each of their billboards.

By law, all amendments to the Construction Codes are subject to review by the Council. After the 30-day comment period, DCRA will submit the regulations to the Council for a 45-legislative day review period. If the Council does not act within those 45 legislative days, the regulations are deemed approved and DCRA will publish them in the DC Register as final regulations.

4 thoughts on “Emergency Billboard Legislation Issued

  1. I have emailed my comments. I encourage all neighbors to do the same. These comments become part of the public record and also considered when the Cit Council reviews the legislation. Below are my comments sent.

    I support the District efforts and amendment being proposed by the emergency legislation.

    Billboards in the District of Columbia, especially in residential neighborhoods give the impression that the lots in which the billboards are placed are vacant. Billboards, such as the ones in the corner of P ST and New Jersey Avenue N.W., attract illegal dumping, graffiti, trash and in some instances serve as temporary places for homeless to build cardboard homes and set up temporary housing. These billboards diminish the historic views and architecture or our city and diminish the beauty of our neighborhoods.


    Geovani A. Bonilla
    Hospice Management Services
    89 P ST NW
    Washington, DC 20001

  2. Does this also apply to those horrific “special signs” and the signs in Chinatown, which are on the walls of condos?

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