Examiner article on the billboards

This article does not appear to be posted at the Examiner website, but was in print, and circulated by Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale.

Nuisance Billboards Come Down in NW

A cluster of illegal billboards on the corner of New Jersey Avenue NW and P Street NW that once shielded illegal activities were town down Tuesday, thanks to a group of community activists.

Denise Prichard of the Bates Area Civic Association led the crusade against the four billboards on her block that masked public urination, illegal dumping and drug use.  The District issued a moratorium on most new billboards nearly 80 years ago, but some manage to slip through the cracks.  After being contacted by the activists, the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) ordered Clear Channel Communications to take the illegal signs down in October, but the company won a preliminary injunction and the billboards remained.

As a result, the city passed emergency rules clarifying that billboards locate within 200 feet of residential areas were illegal.  Two weeks later, down came the signs.  “Together, we chipped away at the billboards until they fell,” Prichard said of the fight waged by several neighborhood groups and eventually the city.  The new rules have brought down several other billboards in the Mount Vernon area as well.

The next target is one on the corner of 3rd & K Street NW, scheduled for tear-down on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Examiner article on the billboards

  1. Kudos to Denise and everyone else who succeeded with this community project.

    I am curious who the actual property owner is. (I apologize if this info has been posted here at the DC BACA blog.)

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