What about the JF Cooke School?

We protested this loudly beginning in June (see prior posts here, here, here, here, here, here. and here).   I hadn’t heard anything in a while, so I posed the question to the ANC Rep from 5c02, Sylvia Pinkney, as this is where the school sits. Here’s her response:

At my request, ANC 5C forwarded a letter to Mayor Fenty requesting that he rescind  his administrations decision to award the former John F. Cook Elementary School to the Latin American Youth Center.  The actions taken recently are discussed in an excellent article written by Kris Hammond for the Examiner and posted on the Eckington listserve.  The message is dated February 4 and the headline reads ANC, civic associations, and Councilmember call upon Mayor Fenty to reverse surplus property decision. If possible, please place the article on the BACA listserve.

And here’s the article in the Examiner.  Sorry folks that I missed this. (I’ve been missing a lot of things lately.) For those who may not know, the author is the former ANC5c02 representative.

2 thoughts on “What about the JF Cooke School?

  1. Just a clarification: there is a difference between the Examiner website and the Examiner newspaper (which also has a website).

    The Examiner newspaper available at Metrorail stations, etc. is the Washington Examiner. Its website is http://www.washingtonexaminer.com.

    The Examiner.com website, which does * not * have a newspaper presence, is separate from the Washington Examiner.

    Kris’ article is the Examiner.com website and not at the Washington Examiner website.

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