Great 5C01SMD meeting tonight

My notes are slim from the ANC5c01 SMD meeting tonight, but it was a good one.

Speakers included:

DC Arborist who talked about the process for removing and planting trees on public and private spaces.  Here’s some online info about tree issues:

he District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) has jurisdiction over all tree related matters.

A woman from the alcohol licensing administration to outline the process of businesses getting and keeping a liquor license.

A DDOT policy rep talked about traffic issues, residential parking permits and a ton of specific issues from residents.  Specifically the ongoing problem of traffic calming measures on P St was discussed. This has apparently been an unanswered request for years.  Residents have been told they would get speed humps. They have gathered a petition in favor of them – to no avail. They’ve been told that the street is a federal street and hence not eligible for traffic calming from the city.  Neighbors and neighborhood leaders are perplexed and haven’t seemed to get a good answer.Mathew Marcou assured he would try to find out information.

DCRA’s Nick Majette spoke and talked about the Postcard Permit that you can get online to do many of the minor home renovations that home owners do.

Finally, Matt Legrant, Zoning Administrator, spoke about the bewildering zoning process in the city.

It was great to meet these folks in person and get personal with them on specific issues. I’ll post their contacts soon on the Useful Contacts page.

4 thoughts on “Great 5C01SMD meeting tonight

  1. because buses (the G2) run down P street west of 3rd, there’s no way it would get speed bumps there. the other blocks—that’s a good question why they wouldn’t. my guess is that the city looks at it as one whole street, and not block-by-block.

  2. They are concerned with the Unit and 100/200 block of P ST – where feeds into North Cap and then Florida Ave.

  3. Hi. sorry for the delayed response.

    Unit and 100/200 block of P ST NW. From North Capitol to 3rd St NW

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