Reminder about tonight: ANC5c01 meeting

Hope all will make an effort to attend:

Here’s the agenda: See agenda here.

As a reminder. here are some of the topics.

Some of the issues that continue to be raised within the single-member districts that we are seeking resolution on that will be discussed during the meeting are:

  • rules for home renovations,
  • conversion of row houses into commerical property,
  • residential properties used as community-based facilities,
  • rules and regulations pertaining to licquor licenses,
  • traffic calming measures,
  • curb cuts and street repairs,
  • repair and painting of street lights,
  • replacement of brick sidewalks and broken concrete sidewalks,
  • maintenance of alleys,
  • repair to residential structures damaged during street repairs,
  • use of public space for sidewalk cafes,
  • the status of the planned streetscapes at Richardson Court and the surrounding alleys,
  • tree trimming schedule, and
  • solutions for maintaining neighborhood tree boxes.

Invited Speakers:
Nicholas Majett, DC Department of Consumer and Reglatory Affairs, Licenses and Permits
Matthew LeGrant, DC Department of Consumer and Reglatory Affairs, Zoning Administrator
Fred Moosally, Alcohol and Beverage Administration
Alberta Paul, DC Department of Transportation
Jamison Weinbaum, DC Office of Zoning

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