2 thoughts on “Does Your Tree Box Need a Tree?

  1. I live on the unit block of Q Street and what our block needs are more tree boxes. We have long stretches of uninterrupted sidewalk that could use several more tree boxes. Once we get those, then we could fill them with trees. Does anyone know how to get the city to replace concrete with grass?

    1. Hi Allison, I walked down the unit block of Q St last night to check it out. It seems that one side, the street is pretty nicely cared for and the other side less so with more trash accumulation.

      My inclination is to say that we should get the existing space cared for before introducing more space by breaking up the sidewalk. Secondly, I suggest we might introduce barrels with plants in them. Those seem to look quite nice on the unit block of Bates St.

      Maybe in the long term the idea of breaking up the bricks for more planting would be nice, but right now there seems to be so many other areas where the green space isn’t care for. This is just my – Caryn’s – opinion, not the BACA organization’s though, or the neighbors’ on the whole. If you wanted to organize the block to try to ask the city for this, I’d say make a petition and talk to our ANC Commissioner Anita Bonds to see how to proceed. Maybe you could c ontact the Department of Public Works to see if there is procedure for this request. What do you think?

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