May 1 beautification event downgraded


The May 1 Treebox Party event has been downgraded to a regular cleanup. The Beautification Committee wanted to make sure we were properly spending the ANC grant that we’d gotten before we expended any funds, and it just didn’t happen in time for us to plan for a 1 May grand planting event.   I’m personally sorry for jumping the gun too soon on announcing it. But I was trying to listen to everyone’s feedback on having advance notice for neighborhood events.

Sooo…  Please come out and support a cleanup on Saturday, May 1 anyway. It’ll probably last an hour to an hour and a half and will consist of picking up trash and clearing undesireable stuff out of the alleys. And let’s go for a coffee or tea at the Big Bear after?  Afterward, we could head together over the RI Ave walk that Jon posted below!

What: Cleanup

When: Saturday May 1, at 10am

Where:  Meet at 1st and P St NW

We are generally looking at having a regular cleanup  on the first Saturday of every month.  This takes care of people having advance notice. If you have any other ideas for getting participation up. Let us know!

Looking ahead:  We are tentatively looking at 4/5 June for our Grand Treebox Planting Event!  We’re looking at including free mulch, free plants, and hopefully a BBQ event like we did last year.   This is actually perfect timing to prep our yards and blocks for this year’s Flower Power, which is scheduled for 26 June. (Flower Power is an annual neighborhood beautification project that includes a contest for best yards in the neighborhood and culminates in a Garden Walk Tour.  Don’t worry – more info will be forthcoming on Flower Power, what it is and how you can and should get involved.)


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