Dunbar High School facelift

A bunch of schools are slated for “modernization” and the city is holding meetings to talk about their plans. Dunbar High School is on the list and residents can hear about plans for Dunbar at a DC Gov-hosted meeting:

Dunbar High School

Tuesday, May 25th

1301 New Jersey Avenue, NW,  6PM

Here’s the press release

WASHINGTON—The Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization (OPEFM) invites District residents to learn more about plans for local school modernization and the 2010 Master Facilities Plan at one of over 30 meetings scheduled in May and June.  For meeting dates and times visit the OPEFM website at www.OPEFM.dc.gov and click on  Meetings/Events or call OPEFM at 202-698-7700.

Currently several schools are in varying stages of planning, design and costruction.  For each school project individual School Improvement Team (SIT) meetings have been held throughout the school year to discuss the development and/or progress of each project.  At the May and June meetings, residents will hear the latest updates for these projects.  At the conclusion of each meeting a presentation on the FY2010 Master Facilities Plan will be given.  The MFP is also available at the OPEFM website.

Parents, students and residents are encouraged to come hear about their neighborhood schools that are currently in progress and plans for future modernizations.  SIT meetings are being held at:  Anacostia HS, Burroughs ES, Burrville ES, Drew ES, Dunbar HS, Eastern HS, Janney ES, Johnson MS, King ES, Stoddert ES, Thomas ES, Truesdell EC, Tyler ES, J.O. Wilson ES, Wilson HS,  Whittier EC and Woodson HS.

3 thoughts on “Dunbar High School facelift

  1. !!! i think they do have big plans. it’ll be interesting to see. I haven’t read what the plans are, but i think it involves actually moving the kids to a different location and doing some extensive work, if rumors are correct.

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