Stolen bike

Wally from 3rd St. wanted to alert the neighborhood of the following:

Friday evening 7 May a guest of mine parked my (old) black Mountain Track Trek 820 bicycle at the Northwest One Library. He used only the chain and padlock, not the U-lock. When he came out of the library, the bike had been stolen.

2 thoughts on “Stolen bike

  1. Hi Wally — very sorry to hear about that. It’s the second stolen bike from there in the last few weeks. The chain and padlock was put in the bookdrop, so if you want those back, please come by the library. I’m filing a report with library police about the thefy, so if have any other details to add, please call us at 939-5946 and ask for Tony or Bobbie.

  2. Emin Askerov is living at my house (1431 3rd St NW) while he studies English. He was using the bike when it was stolen. He contacted the police. The only paperwork I have on the bike is a repair invoice from a couple of years ago when I had some parts replaced. I will be in Missouri until May 25th or 26th. Emin might come by to get the chain and lock.
    Thanks for your reply.

    Wally 410 202 7074

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