Primal Fitness Open House

Notte: This gym is the closest to the BACA area at 200 block of M St.

Posted on the MVSNA blog by Jesse Woody, Yesterday 11:04 AM

This weekend, on Saturday 5-15-10, we’ll be holding an open house at Primal Fitness DC at 219 M St. NW, in the old fire-house. We want to reach out and get together both the friends and family of our current clients, and those from the neighborhood who would like to see what we do here at Primal Fitness. We have a great community here, so this event should very fun! All of our classes throughout the day will be free and will be designed with both novice and intermediate trainees in mind so that anybody interested can drop in and see what we’re all about.

Starting a 8:30 AM we’ll be serving coffee and other refreshments before our 9-10AM Primal Crossfit group class. This will be a great opportunity to come try one of our great Primal Fitness workouts, the most fun and effective workout in DC!

From 10-11AM and from 11AM-12PM we’ll run individual sessions focusing on basic Parkour training combined with our patented Primal Fitness conditioning. These sessions will be set up with new people in mind, and will be a great introduction to the conditioning and techniques involved in Parkour, which teaches you how to quickly navigate obstacles in the urban environment with vaults, climbing, rolls and the like.

From 12-2PM we’ll fire up the grill and have burgers, dogs and various side-dishes available for everybody in attendence. During this time we’ll also be giving away some great Primal apparel and assorted gear, as well as some coupons for free training!

From 1-2PM our Parkour bootcamp will be open for observation, so you will have an opportunity to see our Parkour training methods and observe our bootcampers during their final class of their 6 week session.

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