June 5 is 2010 Spring Treebox Planting

Please sign up to participate in our Spring Treebox Planning Beautification Event on Saturday June 5. We are looking for people who want to fix up their treeboxes. Thanks to an ANC Grant we are able to buy plants and dirt for approximately 40 treeboxes. By signing up below you will get 4-6 plants and mulch for beautification of treeboxes only (not in your yards) and in exchange you are agreeing to planting the treebox and maintaining/watering it.

BACA Area residents sign soon up because supplies are limited.

What: Free plants, dirt for those who sign up to sponsor a treebox. We’re shopping for perrennials and there will be a selection to choose from. It’ll be like 4-6 per signup.

When: Saturday, June 5 10-1pm.

Where: Plants, much and dirt will be at 1st and P St NW, at CAPCS

Sign up online using this form: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGhjbFdWNUxPWnE0ZjZWWFVlZjdPd0E6MA
Please tell your neighbors, so they can sign up.

Email bacadc@gmail.com with any questions.

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