Please help with this house!

The three-hundred block of P Street has improved SO much this year, but there’s one house that still a dilapidated shell: 310 P Street.

Please help us put pressure on the owner to fix up the property and file a service request (to have the grass cut, or property cleaned up) with the City by calling 311, or visiting this link:

4 thoughts on “Please help with this house!

  1. Who owns this house? I’ve lived here for 20 years and I’ve alwyas known this house to look this way. Is the owner alive?

  2. I filed a sanitation enforcement request and in the note mentioned I would file weekly until the owner complies with the DC codes for yard and property maintenance. I have had luck with this kind of comment in the past…
    Is this reported as a “blighted” property? It could be that there is such a tax lean already against the property that the district now owns the place…

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