North Capitol Main Street Clean Streets Program

Dear Area Residents:

As many may be already aware, the North Capitol Main Street (NCMS) has diligently been working in partnership over the past 8 months with the Capitol Hill Business Improvement District (BID) and Ready, Willing and Working to improve the physical appearance and image of our commercial business district through an area clean streets initiative. This program is funded by the DC Department of Public Works and administered by the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development, which NCMS is a funded participant.

On an ongoing basis every Tuesday thru Saturday, the Ready, Willing and Working clean team will be collecting debris and trash articles throughout the North Capitol and First streets corridor from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Additionally, the clean team will be involved in other activities such as setting up tree boxes, light poll baskets and graffiti removal from commercial property storefronts.

As a part of keeping the community apprised of the progress of the clean street initiative on a monthly basis, NCMS will report out to you the success of the program by sending monthly trash collection reports and other information relevant to the program. Also, we encourage feedback from the community regarding any concerns relevant to the program itself. It is the mission of NCMS to promote economic development and business retention activities within the greater North Capitol area which include the neighborhoods of Eckington and Bloomingdale.

For additional information please contact us at (202) 905-6039 or visit our website at

Jonathan Taylor, Executive Director


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