Be Careful if Someone Claims You Hit Them While Reversing

Something interesting happened to me trying to park on my block. I did a 3 point turn onto an alley. As I was not moving waiting to make a left turn, a gentleman knocked on my passenger side window. I rolled down my window slightly as he was claiming that I had hit him while reversing.

 I asked the gentleman if he was okay, and he claimed that I had brushed him with my car but he did not think it was serious and that $20 could settle the incident. I guess the fool did not know I had no tolerance for his crap. As he claimed to be injured but not seriously, I keep my door locks (which everyone should have them locked while driving), and proceeded to call 911 to report that a pedestrian was alleging that I had hit him. The gentleman got kept telling me it was not necessary. I completed the report to 911.

 I pulled over and parked. The gentleman kept insisting that $20 could settle it. I refused to pay him and told him that once MPD arrived, they can assess his injury. The gentleman started to negotiate from $20 to $10. He must have practice with this, and within 10 minutes he was down to $5. 3 minutes before MPD arrived; he had left the scene claiming he was going to go get something to eat and that he would be right back.

 Thank you to MPD for being there within 15 minutes (as I had reported there were no serious injuries and that no medical care was needed at the scene).  Thank you Sergeant Durrough and to the officer that responded with you to the call.

 Please, if someone claims you hit them and wants to settle for cash on the spot, please call 911. Keep your doors locked while you’re driving. Don’t have purses, bags or briefcases visible on your front or back seat (I have had friends have their windows smashed at red lights and their purses stolen). Be safe.

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