Group Homes Top Discussion at Single Member District ANC Meeting

Late Monday, we received notice of our Single Member District ANC Meeting with Commissioners Bonds and Pinkney. Meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 4 at 7pm at Community Academy Public Charter School (CAPS) Multi-purpose Room. A big focus of this meeting is to discuss Group Homes in the area.

Group Homes are residential facilities for youth under the supervision of Youth Recreation Services, people with mental illnesses or disabilities, people with physical disabilities and to elderly and chronic patients. Group Homes, depending on the types of services they provide may be licensed but inspection and enforcement of regulations is not always well administered. Group homes are mostly funded through Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver Programs and housing vouchers.

There are currently many known and suspected group homes in our neighborhood, so this meeting is essential and critical for us to attend and participate in.

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