Comm Pinkey re: LAYC October 13th Meeting

The John F. Cook Elementary School has not been disposed of as a surplus property. The Latin American Youth Center does not have a lease on this property. A lease cannot be signed until legislation is passed disposing of the school as surplus property. Emergency legislation was passed on September 20, 2010 or October 5, 2010, to extend disposition by 90 days so that LAYC can address residents’ concerns.

The community concerns are in our letters and resolutions of opposition to this project and a petition signed by over 300 residents. These concerns have yet to be addressed by the agencies involved in the decision making process. Instead, our community is being criticized by some, pressured by others, to accept a project that we’ve already rejected and will be subsidized with our tax dollars.

Sylvia M. Pinkney

Commissioner ANC 5C02

One thought on “Comm Pinkey re: LAYC October 13th Meeting

  1. Sylvia: Thanks for advising about the current status regarding the disposition of the school property.

    Do you anticipate that the DC councilmembers will go forward with the disposition of the property — as surplus property — at the expiration of the 90 day extension?

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