Site Visit to LAYC Residential Housing

LAYC has proposed 20 units of residential housing for 47 18-to-24
year-olds to be co-located with a Youth Build Public Charter
School campus at the former JF Cook Elementary School, 30 P
Street, NW. The purpose of this site visit to tour a similar housing
facility currently operated by LAYC.

When: Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Time: 7:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Where: 3043 15th Street, NW

Site visit organized by the Office of Ward 5
Councilmember Harry Thomas, Jr.

If you wish to attend, are willing to drive or need a ride, please contact
Geovani Bonilla via email at or via phone at 202-255-3312.

One thought on “Site Visit to LAYC Residential Housing

  1. Not to discourage people from attending the site visit but layc current housing are group homes, and are much smaller than the proposed housing project proposed in our neighborhood. I have seen some of layc current group homes and they do a great job with them however this is nothing like the proposed housing, their own staff has even said this. What is proposed has never been done by layc and they are basing it off a project in harlem that is just opening so there is no data on its success of effects on the neighborhood.

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