Trinidadian Restaurant opens at 600 Florida Ave NW

A new Trinidadian-themed Zee’s Restaurant at 600 Florida Avenue NW is open!  Tables were set and the menu is in the window. Appetizers included a chickpea/West Indian spice dip, stewed tomatoes, callaloo soup with crabmeat, lentil soup and Dal soup.  Meat entrees included several stewed or curried offerings—chicken, shrimp, beef, goat and shrimp. Vegetarian entrees were steamed or curried vegetables and Bitter Melon.

3 thoughts on “Trinidadian Restaurant opens at 600 Florida Ave NW

  1. The food’s GOOD! The owner and the whole family greeted us when we sat at the table. The hosts were super nice, to the point of annoying, which was still fine… One thing that threw me off was that they’d talk to the male friend of mine and not really direct a lot of attention to me, a woman…. not kosher…. But besides of the weird feeling I definitely enjoyed the food and the flavors.

    1. Perhaps they directed their attention to your companion because he was being more responsive and/or sensed that you found them annoyingly nice.

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