All Ward 5 Council Member Candidates Attend BACA Meeting

The Bates Area Civic Association meeting the night before election was privileged to have visits from Council Member Harry Thomas, Independent Candidate, Kathy Henderson and Republican Candidate, Tim Day. All 3 candidates for Ward 5 Council Member had about twenty minutes to present their positions and initiatives.

All 3 candidates were positive and honored the Civic Association’s request to avoid negative campaigning and focus on the issues. In summary, candidates discussed the following:

Mr. Tim Day discussed his record as an ANC. Mr. Day would focus on small to mid-size businesses to attract economic development to the North Capital Street corridor. Mr. Day also discussed the need to review the District’s budget, identify wasteful spending, force DC agencies to perform more efficiently and change the social welfare programs. Mr. Day also discussed the importance of early education and rehabilitation programs to address chronic substance abuse and dependency on social programs. Mr. Day discussed his platform as a fiscally conservative, openly gay candidate fighting for fiscal responsibility and civil rights.

Ms. Kathy Henderson focused on her public service record and how that would translate to Ward 5. Ms. Henderson, a former ANC, spoke of her safety initiatives and community programs to clean up trash and reduce crime in her neighborhood. Ms. Henderson discussed how she would, as Council Member hold DCRA more accountable for fining nuisance and abandoned properties to generate revenue to pay for safety initiatives. Ms. Henderson spoke about being involved with all Council Committees to monitor and oversee each government agency. Ms. Henderson’s platform focused on her ability to have reduced crime in her community, engage city government, beautify her neighborhood and improve the quality of life in her community.

Council Member Thomas discussed his record as Council Member. Mr. Thomas discussed his values in fighting for what he believes in, even when that cause may not be a popular cause (Marriage Equality was the example cited). Mr. Thomas also discussed his legislative role in having N. Capital Street and Rhode Island designated as Great Streets. The redevelopment of Florida and First ST Park ($1.6 million in renovations) in a year when city budget was tight was also cited as an accomplishment for our area. Mr. Thomas also cited his participation and ongoing support and engagement with the Bates Area Civic Association, attendance to community meetings (including in citizen’s homes) and other venues to address community issues and address community concerns. Council Member Thomas encouraged people to review his record, his accomplishment and his integrity. Mr. Thomas addressed the current District Attorney’s efforts to use the Office of the District Attorney for political retaliation. Council Member Thomas is the key sponsor of the bill for the District Attorney to be an elected official and not an appointee of the Mayor.

We truly were honored by the presence of the three candidates and wish to ask all of our neighbors to please get out and vote. Every vote count and our voices must be counted.

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