What Would You Like for BACA to Focus on in 2011?

           Dear Neighbors, Saturday, November 13th the Bates Area Civic Association officers will meet to put together a project plan and budget for 2011. The project plan and budget will be presented to the community for review, input and approval.

             We would like to hear from you. What would you like us to work on to improve our community? What would you like BACA to pursuit with our City Council Member, Mayor’s Office and other DC Government agencies? These are some of the projects and programs being considered:


  • Continue to address crime with MPD – attend PSA meetings
  • Establish Community Weekly Safety Walks
  • Traffic control devices
  • Traffic congestion on P ST NW and First ST NW

 Economic Development:

  • Work with North Capitol Main Street to bring businesses to the area
  • Monitor RFPs for Slater School and other development in the area
  • Work with NOMA to extend NOMA services west of North Capitol ST
  • Engage local businesses to become active with BACA and community
  • North Capitol Street Task Force

Community Programs

  • Friends of The Park – after the $1.6 Million renovation of Florida Avenue Park, we need to apply for Art and Humanities Grants to fund programs at the park. Coordinate other community events and activities to keep the park alive and for the community enjoyment. Farmer’s Market? Movies at the Park? Arts and Music Festival?
  • Membership/Fund Raising Committee – Members to coordinate Flower Power 2011. BACA Picnics or other events.
  • Youth Services – coordinate programs, mentoring and other activities to engage our youth in positive activities. Youth Summer Job Program doing errands for residents? Teach our young adults basic life skills: financial management or job skills.
  • Community Photo Contest
  • BACA Historic Walk

             We want to hear your input? What would you like to help coordinate or lead? Together, our community can thrive… Email your comments, suggestions or comments to Geovani A. Bonilla at Mrgeovani@aol.com

3 thoughts on “What Would You Like for BACA to Focus on in 2011?

  1. What’s the North Cap Task Force?

    On a related note, I would like to see some more coordination w/ Hanover and Bloomingdale civic since a lot of the same issues, school redevel, north cap, etc affect both groups.

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