Cook School Community Meeting

Youth Build and LAYC Announcement of Community Meeting

  • Wednesday, December 8, 2010
  • 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Big Bear Café, 1st and R Streets NW

Topics for Discussion:

  • The Proposed Redevelopment of the Cook School by YouthBuild and LAYC
  • Future Cook Residents
  • How YouthBuild and LAYC can Promote/Support Public Safety Efforts in the Cook Neighborhood
  • Ideas for Arts/Culture Activities in Cook’s Community Spaces
  • How YouthBuild and LAYC can Promote/Support Community and Economic Development in the Cook Neighborhood
  • Etc.

Please Join the Discussion!  RSVP at if you plan to attend. 

Also, don’t forget to email if you plan to attend and/or testify at the Dec 10th Council hearing, or would like to support the proposed redevelopment at Cook in other ways.

3 thoughts on “Cook School Community Meeting

  1. Rather than a few talking points and the offer of a room for art exhibits, here’s two ideas that I would like to see offered:

    Present a proposal which is 100% education use. Not 2/3 housing and token education to satisfy the RFP.
    Start over with you proposal, but this time directly include the community in your planning. (See McMillan for an example)

  2. JD: If you are able, please show up for Friday’s council meeting to testify or just sit-in and let them know this is not acceptable behavior.

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