Truxton Circle the name

Please see this question from Brian on Bates St. Does anyone have any thoughts? I think it’s an important issue, as we are all advocates for our neighborhood, for improving it and for advocating it as a great place to live. I personally call it East Shaw. Also see this previous post and this one from the InShaw blog on the same issue.

I was curious regarding the name Truxton Circle for the neighborhood. From what I can gather by talking to people and friends at work that used to live in the neighborhood, it was part of Shaw. If I say Truxton Circle, nobody knows where it is; however, if I saw Shaw, Shaw/Dunbar or East Shaw people have an idea of where our neighborhood is located. Has it been considered to revert to calling the neighborhood Shaw or Shaw/Dunbar, etc. It seems like it would be better for the neighborhood also, as Shaw is developing. It is a more solid identity and, from what I have heard, Truxton Circle wasn’t in our neighborhood in the first place. Not sure if the Bates Association is the forum for discussion or where to bring up the topic. Also, as I only have been here for just about a year, I don’t know how committed to the name the neighborhood is.

Have a good day, Brian

6 thoughts on “Truxton Circle the name

  1. I don’t have any strong feelings for how folks refer to our neighborhood, but as for the comment that “Truxton Circle wasn’t in our neighborhood in the first place,” Truxton Circle was located at the intersection of North Capital and Florida Avenue until it was demolished in 1947. That’s about three blocks from my home in the 100 block of P Street NW, so I consider it to have been in my neighborhood.

  2. I would add that Truxtun’s Circle was part of four or more neighborhoods. It was part of Eckington, Bloomingdale, what is now called NOMA, and the Bates Area. One could comfortably include Hanover as well. The remaining circles in DC serve as major landmarks, and they define an area that extends at least 3 blocks in each direction. To this point, before 1947, Truxton Circle was the centroid to the neighborhood. One should also consider how Florida Ave marks the end of the Old City and the start of the new suburbs like Bloomingdale. So the Circle kind of brought the old and new parts of town together. Finally, you have to take into account where the money and how development is divided. NoMA BID branded itself as that and not as part of Truxton Circle. Bloomingdale’s 1st St NW is doing well, but no one mentions that it is part of Truxton Circle. There are several social services and schools in the Bates and Hanover Areas, but I have not yet heard them as in Truxton Circle. So, here is an idea, bring back the Circle, bring back the money, bring back the development, and get rid of that North Cap traffic! (Also, I have never found out why Admiral Truxtun’s name was change in Truxton Circle.

  3. Names and descriptions are different things. Who cares if people don’t know where Truxton circle is? Sure, you could call our neighborhood east shaw or east dupont or east northern virginia, but how about a little individuality. Truxton circle is a good name and if someone has never heard of it educate them. Old City 2 is my second choice.

  4. I love the neighborhood also and bought in the neighborhood like most people on the blog. And I am happy to educate people about the area. But I do think it is important for an area to have name recognition and, as far as I can tell, our area was/is part of Shaw. As such, it would make more sense to call it Shaw or East Shaw, etc. As Shaw gets developed, name association would help market our area. Not to mention the fact that, while a traffic circle existed bounded by four or so other neighborhoods, there is no circle today and it just adds to the confusion.

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