Dunbar HS Redesign Award

DCPS announced the winning design for a new Dunbar High School. The final design shows school and field facilities swapping places. The new building will be on 1st St between N & O. In addition, O St will be rebuilt to connect 1st St to 3rd & New Jersey.

2 thoughts on “Dunbar HS Redesign Award

  1. I think it’s fantastic to see a light at the end of the tunnel, a light that will eliminate one of the ugliest buildings in the district… Does anyone know how long it will be before a contract is awarded and a schedule is established for the project?

  2. O Street is only being rebuilt as a pedestrian walkway – it will not be available for traffic. I’m looking forward to the re-design – it should take a lot of the crowd (and illegally idling buses) away from N Street residents during events at Dunbar and put the attendees over at the parking areas.

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