Examiner: Neighborhood, youth center at odds

Neighborhood, youth center at odds over subsidized housing
By: Liz Farmer 01/25/11 8:05 PM
Examiner Staff Writer

A proposal for a school and job training center at the now-closed John F. Cook School, above, includes a large section of subsidized housing for young adults. – Andrew Harnik/Examiner

Residents of the Truxton Circle neighborhood east of Howard University are banding together to protest subsidized housing at a proposed school and job training center, a move that could stymie the two-year-old project as it heads to the D.C. Council.

Locals say they are not against the charter school by the Latin American Youth Center that would help rehabilitate youths — but their neighborhood is becoming a dumping ground for social services without regard to community amenities.

Sylvia Pinkney, a commissioner on the area’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission, said Truxton Circle already has 13 social services such as Rachel’s Women’s Center or Isaiah House.

“We are not getting what we want — we want retail,” she said. “We would like some kind of business in Cook School that would draw people from outside of the community to our community.”

Read the rest of the story here: Neighborhood, youth center at odds over subsidized housing | Liz Farmer | DC | Washington Examiner.


2 thoughts on “Examiner: Neighborhood, youth center at odds

  1. Thanks for posting this Washington Examiner article again here at the BACA blog. 😉

    I see that neighborhood resident BCC posted a response this morning at the Washington Examiner website, which I copied in below:

    Frankly, I’m ashamed of all of us for our selfishness. How dare we hog all the social services to ourselves? Within a one mile radius, we’ve got easily 4x as many service centers than exist anywhere west of Rock Creek Park.

    I think it’s time for us to do our part and welcome an enterprise into the community which actually serves our interests. Would it really be so bad if we had an arts center? higher end housing? a charter elementary program? I understand there’s a new language immersion charter school opening (Mundo Verde) serving children from pre-school up to 5th – perhaps they could use a metro-accessible home?

    It’s really unfair to leave the burden of supporting desirable community entities to neighborhoods like Cleveland Park and Georgetown. Just this once, and with the help of our elected representative(s) we should take on one of those ourselves, and allow, say, Ward 3 to have a social service organization of their own.


  2. Scott – Your sense of humor is awesome. Seriously, anyone coming to our community touting Section 8 better do their homework first. We have far too many poverty programs in our vicinity. Outsiders just don’t get it. And if you’re looking to add more poverty to our hood you better get with a PR firm and start to impress us. Did YBAC even host a tour of their facilities for our community leaders to take a look at before FMR Mayor Fenty approved their plan? The problem started at that moment. They lost the moment.

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