Community Safety Assessment Walk is a Success

Council Member Thomas coordinated a tremendously successful community walk that included, N. Capitol Street, Bates ST NW, First ST NW and P ST NW. The purpose of the walk was to assess the needs of the community and the different DC Government Agencies that need to address those needs.

Mayor Vincent Gray, Chief Cathy Lanier, Commander Lamar Greene, Nicholas A. Majett – newly appointed to Director of DCRA, Commissioner Bradley Thomas, several ANC Commissioners and other key city and civic leaders attended the walk.

During the walk, I was able to point out to the Mayor and other places were illegal dumping takes place. There happened to be mattresses and other items dumped in an alley, all of which were picked up by DPW before the walk had concluded. We also discussed other key initiative and needs.

CM Thomas opened the door and facilitated a great opportunity for our community to engage the city and make our neighborhood better. Now that our voices have and are being heard, it is up to us to take responsibility for our neighborhood, come together and make this an even greater place to live.

For full details of the assessment and key projects that will come out of it, please join us at the Bates Area Civic Association’s meeting on Monday, February 7th. The meeting takes place at Mt. Sinai Church (3rd and Q ST NW) at 7pm.


Geovani A. Bonilla

3 thoughts on “Community Safety Assessment Walk is a Success

    1. It is our responsibiblity to ensure it does not stop with a photo opportunity. As citizens, we must remain engage in hold our elected officials accountable. We have seen what our community can do when it comes together.

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