Want To Make a Difference?

Talking is Not a Substitute for Action

Here are some way you can become involved in improving our neighborhood by addressing issues that impact economic development and quality of life in our community:

 Tuesday, February 15 – ANC 5C Meeting, 7pm at St. Martins, 116 T Street, N.E., Washington, DC  . Why should you attend? Commissioner Thomas has placed on the agenda the issue of speed bumps and/or traffic calming devices along P ST NW. This is a great deal to our community, even if you don’t live on P ST NW as it sets a model for obtaining these same measures on other blocks that may needed. Come out and support this effort.

Tuesday, February 15 – North Capitol Main Street Board Meeting, 7pm at NCMS 1703 N. Capitol ST NE.

Currently, Bates Area Civic Association is not represented on the Board. Lonna Hooks, Executive Director is looking for individuals that wish to join the board AND WORK with Main Street on economic development on the N. Capitol Corridor. Volunteers for other committees are also being sought. This is a great way to ensure the BACA interest is represented as NCMS seeks development of the area.

Wednesday, February 16, Metropolitan Police Service Area 501 (PSA 501) Safety Meeting, 7pm, Harry Thomas Recreation Center, 1743 Lincoln Road Northeast. This is your opportunity to address safety concerns directly with Metropolitan Police. Discuss current crime issues, MPD initiatives and resident specific safety issues. Crime is a key factor that prevents investors from willing to invest between Florida and New York Ave. (NCMS Economic Impact Study).

For information on NCMS – contact Lonna Hooks, Executive Director at lhooks@ncmsinc.org

If you don’t drive or would like to coordinate a shared ride to either ANC or PSA meeting, please contact me at mrgeovani@aol.com

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