Second-hand Furniture Store in Bloomingdale?

I stopped by a second-hand furniture store on First Street in Bloomingdale this weekend. I’m not sure it had a name displayed, but it’s on the same block as Yoga District and they had some interesting stuff. Anyone know anything about it?

2 thoughts on “Second-hand Furniture Store in Bloomingdale?

  1. I’ve wondered myself. I’ve walked by on the way to yoga and then have things out on the sidewalk around noon on Fridays. Appeared to be a bit overpriced to me. Looks a bit like hotel room leftovers?

  2. I actually purchased something from that store last weekend and found the staff to be very helpful, willing to negotiate on price, and offered to deliver the piece for FREE! I was speaking to the owner and she told me they intend to have art exhibits sometime later this spring, but will continue to sell items on consignment and second hand items. They have a limited selection, but it seems to turn over quickly. Definitely worth checking out!

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