Engine Company 12 Firehouse Update

From Scott Roberts/Bloomingdale listserv:

It looks like some of the vacant lots in the north-east part of BACA will be parking for the firehouse.

Brian Brown introduced the operator and project manager of the Engine Company 12 Restaurant – Steve May.

Here is information that Brian and Steve supplied:

The 1st floor of the restaurant will be sit-down. The interior seating on the 1st floor will accommodate 70 to 80 people. The outdoor seating on the Quincy Place NW side will accommodate about 70 people.

The 2nd floor and the open air roof deck will accommodate 100 to 150 people. The roof deck, which will be use contemporary soundproofing to have sound travel up and not out laterally, will accommodate cigar smokers.

The plan at this point is to open by Independence Day – at least the first floor of the restaurant.

There is no offstreet patron parking on site. Valet parking will be supplied – at the Joe Mamo former-Exxon gas station site on the northwest corner of North Capitol & Florida Avenue NW, and at the empty lot on the south side of the unit block of Q Street NW. The valet parking will be outsourced.

Regarding liquor licenses – there are two formal applications. One is for a restaurant-class liquor license for the 1st floor. The other liquor license is a tavern-class liquor license for the upper floors. The applications for the liquor licenses should be submitted in the next 14 to 21 days.

What about music? Steve said that there would be live music. But no dancing girls with poles! And no go-go. Music will be specified on the applications, it appears.

There will be daily trash collection.

Okay, on to hours of operation. The outdoor seating would have earlier closing hours than for the indoor seating. Outdoor seating would close at 9 pm Monday through Thursday and between 10 pm and 10:30 pm Friday and Saturday. Steve will be looking at U Street business hours for guidance. The closing hours for inside seating may be at 2:00 am (not sure if this is just Friday & Saturday or on all days). In any event, the hours of operation are not cast in stone, so stay tuned.

The restaurant will start off with lunch and dinner and perhaps breakfast and morning brunches later on. Meals will cost between $17 and $18 a plate.

Steve May is also coordinating the renovations at Shaw`s Tavern at 6th & Florida Avenue NW, which is intended to be similar to the Liberty Tavern in Clarendon. Shaw’s Tavern should open sooner than Engine Company 12.

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